DIY Produce Cleaning Spray

  Most of us are cautious when it comes to the meat we eat, but we don’t stop and think about how raw fruits and vegetables can also contain parasites and other harmful pathogens that can make us sick.  Washing produce well is the best way to avoid this! Though there are commercial cleaners on… 

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15 Amazing

15 Amazing Diffuser Blends

There is rarely a time when I don’t have something going in my diffuser.  I love how, according to how I’m feeling each day, I can impact my mood in an instant.  The aromatic use of essential oils can not only help with your mood (and even depression), it can purify the air, remove pathogens,… 

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Scuff Marks

DIY Scuff Marks Be Gone

Don’t you hate it when you delegate something to your husband and realize that you should have done it yourself? The boys are TERRIBLE clothes and shoe shoppers. I would take Skye and any tantrums that might occur all day long rather than take Alex and Christian shopping for themselves. For clothes, I just go… 

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DIY Linen Spray

I am a sucker for good smells. Though I sleep with a diffuser every night, I still like a little something special for my sheets. Enter my favorite linen spray. This spray will have you dreaming happy dreams in no time! This has a bit of a sexy scent. For my boys I use this… 

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DIY Furniture Polish

You probably already know that there is all kinds of toxic junk lurking in your cleaners. A quick look under your sink will likely reveal yummy substances like alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC) and didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (DDAC) as well as a host of other chemicals. According to a recent study in Reproductive… 

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