How to Order doTerra Essential Oils

There are Three Ways that You Can Order doTerra Essential Oils 1.  Retail 2. Preferred Customer – Sign up for a $10 membership fee and save 20% off the retail price 3.  Wholesale Account / Wellness Advocate – Sign up for $35 and Save more than 25% off the retail price.  This is the most… 

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Chicken Sliders with Tomato Chutney (Gluten Free)

This week, we drove across the country. We do this at least twice a year, and it never fails to bring life into perspective. It is amazing to me how reckless so many people drive, texting and reading as they fly down the interstate at 80 miles an hour. Though I love our location independent… 

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Garlic Roasted Broccoli

Every mom knows that kids sometimes go through crazy phases. Most recently, Skye has developed this high pitched squeal. That she likes to ALL. THE. TIME. Yesterday at nap time she amused herself for more than 30 minutes squealing.  She never cried and when she was done with her squeal-fest she curled up and slept… 

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