Oregano Oil vs Amoxicillin

This is an amazing video where a high school student looks at oregano vs amoxicillin for his science fair project! What to take control of your health and get started with Essential Oils? Purity is critical when it comes to essential oils. I’ve tried numerous brands and the only oils I recommend are doTERRA. If… 

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Flu Bomb

doTERRA Flu Bomb – How I’ve Beat the Flu in 36 Hours!

  There are few things worse than coming down with the flu.  I’ve spent way too many nights up shivering, shaking, freezing then sweating.  While many people would say that there isn’t much you can do for the flu but rest, get plenty of fluids and wait it out, I’ve found this not to be… 

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essential oils for depression

Manage Your Mood with Essential Oils!

Did you know that an estimated 60 million adults in the United States are fighting depression and anxiety? As someone who has suffered from both, I can tell you that they are both very real and can impact not just the person suffering from them, but the entire family. Sadly, most pharmaceuticals that treat depression… 

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DIY Sanitizing Hand Gel

For a long time, I thought I was doing the right thing by always having hand sanitizer in my purse for the kids.  This was especially true when the boys were small and still putting their hands in their mouths all the time. Since then, I’ve learned that this wasn’t such a good idea.  Commercial… 

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Essential Oils for Anxiety(1)

Essential Oils for Anxiety

  Let’s face it:  we all experience anxiety from time to time.  For me, this is the time of year when I experience it the most. For years I just accepted it “as part of it” and knew that come January, I would feel better about things.  Then I realized that usually at some point… 

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